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Running with Augusten
Burroughs and Bently

Augusten Burroughs has been described as a brilliant writer –wickedly funny, painfully honest, and uber-cool. “Running with Scissors”, his tragically funny, dark memoir of growing of up as the adopted son in the dysfunctional home of his mother’s therapist was a runaway bestseller on every book list in 2002. I know it was one of my favorite reads of the summer, having literally plowed through it in one sitting while vacationing at the beach.

When he’s not writing and doing book signings and interviews, Augusten enjoys spending time with his partner Dennis and their pooch, a handsome bat-eared French bulldog named Bentley.

Bentley, according to Burroughs, has quite an impressive vocabulary that includes but is not limited to the following words: Sit. Stay. Come. Treat? Get back in bed. Wanna go for a walk? Remain flat. Who’s that? Get down from there. You need a bath (saying this phrase makes him instantly run under the table). Burroughs also swears that Bentley can do multiplication tables with his paws.
Bentley is well-traveled. There are many photos of him Burrough’s website,
Burroughs is currently putting the finishing touches on his soon-to-be released book, MAGICAL THINKING: true stories, while Bentley continues to adapt to and gnaw on his new baby brother Cow-Cow.

What is his idea of perfect happiness?
While standing in front of an air conditioner, a meatball suddenly rolls toward him.

What is his favorite treat?
Anything that’s crunchy and won’t run away from him.

If he could change one thing about himself, what would it be?
He would be taller, so he could reach things on the table.

What is his most treasured possession?
A stuffed, black- and- white animal in the shape of a cow, called -cleverly -”cowcow.”

What is his most endearing quality?
He sleeps under the covers, head on a pillow.

Assuming there is such a thing as reincarnation, what or who might he have been in a former life?
The dictator of a small, though ambitious, country.

Is there anything that embarrasses him?
He used to bark at Connie Chung when she was on CNN. Then turn away from the television and look guilty.

What is it that he dislikes most?
He does not like rain and will not leave the apartment if he sees a raincoat.

What is his greatest fear?
Boxes terrify him.

What is his greatest accomplishment?
He understands 23 words.

What is his favorite place?
His puppy travel bag. It’s too small for him now, but he still crams himself inside it.

What does he really like in other dogs?
Their food.

Does he have a motto?
“Oh that’s okay, I’ll eat the neck.”

Photographs by Cami Johnson,