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Parker & Gracie

Parker Posey recently received an Independent Spirit Award nomination as Leading Actress for her work in Rebecca Millerís Personal Velocity, as well as a Golden Globe nomination for her work opposite Shirley MacLaine in the CBS film Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay.

Of course, of all the films in Parkerís vast repertoire, my personal favorite is Best in Show in her role as the obsessed, over-the-top catalog-shopping, braces-wearing neurotic Weirmeraner owning Meg Swan.

Parker lives in New York with Gracie, a bright, precious, precocious white Bishon Balinese, who will be one year old on October 18, but it was here in New Orleans on the set of NBC Universalís new movie, Frankenstein that I spied Parker with Gracie in tow. Gracie is quite mobile and travels practically everywhere Parker goes.

Frankenstein airs October 10 on the USA Network. Parker plays Detective Carson OíConner, investigating a series of murders that are plaguing the New Orleans community.

We appreciate the time that Parker and Gracie took to answer the Inner Dog Questionnaire.

The Inner Dog Interview

What is her idea of perfect happiness?
Being in a park full of people and dogs to meet and greet...babies in strollers...and finding an everlasting plastic bottlecap to chew on.

What is her favorite treat?
Solid Gold Lamb Jerky, Dried Lamb Lung, 3 Dog bakery Chicken kibble.

If she could change one thing about herself, what would it be?
Sometimes she wishes she could fly.

Whst is her most treasured possession?
She doesnít have one.

What is her most endearing quality?
The ability to make people think sheís smiling.

Assuming there is such a thing as reincarnation, what or who might he have been in a former life?
She was a school teacher from the Depression Era, a man named Randall.

What is her favorite place?
The bed, the blue chair, her doggy bag I carry her in.

What does she like in other dogs?
The ability to play rough and to know itís only play.

Does she have a motto?

Photographs by Cami Johnson,